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Artisan Pizza in five minutes flat

Why not have pizza for every meal of the day?

And if you can make it in five minutes, all the better.

Bread-baking superstars Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François are out with a new book called “Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day.” The cookbook features 100 recipes designed to be fun and easy to make for even the most time-crunched families out there.

The cookbook is the third installment of their bestselling “Five Minutes a Day” series based on their signature no-knead bread dough. So far, they’ve sold about half a million copies of their cookbooks.

The recipes range from breakfast pizza with prosciutto, parmigiano and egg to pizza spirals on a stick. More classic pizzas like Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and Sicilian pizza are also featured. There are recipes for soups, spreads, salads and sauces, too, that are great complements to the flatbreads and pizzas.

Hertzberg and François hope the book inspires families and friends to get together for pizza parties.

“We really want this book to be something people get excited about,” François said. “This book is my kids’ favorite. My 12 year old does the whole [pizza-making] process from start to finish.”

A pizza stone, oven thermometer and dough scraper are a few of the tools suggested for people interested in trying out the recipes. Despite an investment in tools, making pizzas at home is much cheaper than going out. They figured it’s about $1.50 per pizza, depending on the ingredients. To seek inspiration for their new cookbook, they tried pizza all over the place and drew on childhood memories of their favorite slices.

As for their personal favorite recipes, François singled out the lamb and chicken pita recipes and Hertzberg said he’s in love with anything with eggplant.

The book has recipe alternatives, too, for people who want whole grain, spelt or gluten-free doughs.

“I like the idea of people taking complete control of what goes into their body,” Hertzberg said. “They have complete flexibility.”

For more information about “Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day,” go to artisanbreadinfive.com. They are having a virtual pizza party on Twitter on Nov. 15. To participate tweet a photo of a recipe
from the book and use the hashtag #PizzaPartyin5.

Get Jeff Hertzberg and Zoë François recipe for a A Classic Pizza Margherita here.


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